Underfloor Heating

Providing warmth from the floor up, rather than heating ceiling space first, underfloor heating can provide an efficient, comfortable and unobtrusive way to heat a living space.  Warm water circulates through pipe loops providing a large radiant surface. Each loop or zone will run from and to a convenient and accessible manifold. Warm water systems use a lower water temperature than radiators, so your boiler will use less fuel.




Using underfloor heating gives freedom to interior design, with no radiators to position and it is virtually silent whilst running. The heat will uniformly rise rather than creating hot spots around radiators and colder spots elsewhere in the room.  A thermostat positioned in the room will control desired temperature by sending a signal to stop the flow of water through the pipes until there is a further heat demand from the thermostat.  Separate circuits and thermostats are advised for each room depending on usage.

We can offer the full supply and installation of wet underfloor heating systems, with each design individual to your requirements.